Are you exhausted, and sick of feeling that way?

Do you put the needs of everyone else ahead of your own, and now your health is paying the price?

I know where you’re coming from!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Dr. Corine Ferebee. I’ve been a Pharmacist for fourteen years. With a busy career plus being a mom and a wife, I let my own health take last place in my days.

And about four years ago, it caught up with me. I was diagnosed with lupus. 

Suddenly, I was on the other side of healthcare. Now it was my turn to need help.

But with all the medication and doctor’s visits, you know what surprised me the most? No one talked to me about nutrition or exercise or the impact other lifestyle habits could have on my healing process!

If poor nutrition and habits could lead to my body breaking down, why was no one talking about changing those habits to build it back up?

That’s when I knew, as soon as I was better, I had to start helping other busy, professional women prioritize their own health and overcome their own difficult diagnoses. It’s become my passion to make a difference in the lives of women like you!

Trinity Wellness Rx Consulting, LLC. is here to walk with you on your health journey. You can start living the vibrant and energetic life you’ve always imagined!

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