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Checking Weight


Are you looking to lose weight, but tired of trying yet another fad diet without the promise of the results you’re after?

I found myself in this same position years ago and I was simply frustrated with the short-term results a diet would provide only to be followed by regaining the weight again… I knew there had to be a better way, yet everything I tried never seemed to stick for very long.

The problem was that I was looking in all the wrong places. I thought by removing carbohydrates, going high protein, or high fat, or some other macronutrient adjustment to my diet would somehow enable me to lose the weight and keep it off. And some actually did help me lose the weight, but the diets were simply unsustainable - Until I switched my approach.


I ended up studying how the human body and metabolism actually worked. I began to realize that weight loss does come down to calories vs calories out, however the issue is that if you have a slow metabolism you can’t eat very many calories or carbohydrates! So, if you don’t want to literally and figuratively starve your body, it’s time to discover how to boost your metabolism.

When you realize that it’s not just a calories issue then, but a metabolic issue you can begin to look at the weight loss equation differently. You now understand why the secret to losing the weight and keeping it off actually comes down to figuring out how to boost your metabolism so you can eat more calories and still lose the weight. And the way that you do this is through optimizing these hormonal levels in the body:

  •  Thyroid

  •  Adrenals (cortisol)

  •  Estrogen

  •  Progesterone

  •  Vitamin D (hormone synergist)

  •  Blood sugar

  •  Insulin

Once those levels have been optimized, weight loss is actually automatic. I know that may sound strange, but it’s the reason why when you were younger you may have been able to keep the weight off without trying and why as you’ve gotten older (or had children) it may be more difficult to stay lean. It’s also why some people can eat all the carbs they want and still never gain a pound!


Plus, the more you diet, reduce your calories, and lower your carbs, the more you actually hurt your metabolism. This is what the diet “experts” never share with you when they talk about “calories in vs. calories out.” All they want to do is get you to buy their next diet plan. But again, with every deprivation diet (lasting longer than 28 days) I can assure you that it will begin to lower your thyroid, increase stress hormones (cortisol), and affect your estrogen/progesterone balance.

This is why I can’t recommend enough, getting off of the fad diet programs and moving towards a healthier way of losing weight. Remember, your body knows the weight it should be at when healthy - You just need to rebalance the fat burning hormones that will enable you to boost your metabolism. Once you do this, the weight will begin to come off without the struggle.

If you’d like help in discovering your personal hormone levels that I shared above, just click the link below to set up a complimentary consultation where I will walk you through the discovery process of losing weight the healthy way once and for all. I look forward to speaking with you soon!



Discover how to achieve your wellness, weight loss, or longevity goals on a complimentary 20-minute consultation.

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